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Hi. I'm Rebecca.

I'm just your average girl, saved by grace and trying to appreciate this beautiful life as best I can.

I'm married to my soul-mate and together we find ourselves blessed enough to travel the world and capture love. We are wedding photographers based out of Maui, Hawaii.

dahl*ia was launched out of sheer passion, conviction and a desire to restore value to women and recognize beauty in it's purest form; to find safety in being feminine.

I've got LOADS of insecurities. Perhaps that's why I appreciate the concept of dahl*ia so very much. Being allowed to feel truly beautiful, and not just discovering your outer beauty but allowing that inner beauty to come forward--- is a terrifying and vulnerable place to be. But, when that beauty does come forward it's all the sweeter.

We all have a beauty to behold. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Let me help you discover your beauty.